Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Self Portrait #3

I would have never thought there were so many ways to create a self portrait. I'm guessing we'll discover even more as the year progresses.

So, evidently, there's this group that posts self portraits taken in reflective surfaces, but I can't remember their URL. Here's my attempt:

Its in a puddle next to the sidewalk outside the building where I work. I figure it's pretty appropriate as I'm a Cancer with Pisces rising (both water signs). Even more appropriate as the water in my charts seems to be rather murky!

Here's another shot I took right after the puddle one that I think also speaks volumes...

...ask anyone who knows me! :)

1 comment:

Grafxcowgirl said...

Great shots...of course, I love the trees behind you in the puddle photo. There is really something about the locked door one that is so intriguing...besides the beauty of the composition and colors. How is it that you even manage to inject concept of such great depths into a seemingly simple photograph. You continue to amaze me...oh yeah...I miss you!