Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

So today we decided to use Friday the 13th as inspiration. I had no idea what I'd do with that, until lunch. I was sitting in a cafe I sit in a couple times a week, looking out the window when I saw it: A tree across the street (that I pass by at least twice every day) had eyes. I swear, I'd never seen them before today. It was so freaky. I was fascinated, grabbed an envelope and made a quick sketch. (some guy thought I was writing him a parking ticket because I was standing next to his car!)

Anyway, there's a full moon tonight (ok, tomorrow officially, but close enough) so I decided to include that as well. And tonight is another first: I actually pulled out the "Artists Kit" I bought at Tuesday Morning a year or so ago, ripped a blank canvas board out of its wrapper and said, "lets see what happens when I dip a brush in acrylic paint!"

And I'm not afraid to admit that grafxcowgirl is much more adept at rendering trees.

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Grafxcowgirl said... gasps!} How exquisite! I'm so impressed...remind me to tell you sometime all the thoughts swirling in my head at this moment...