Friday, April 01, 2011


With absolutely no inspiration today, I put out a request for a number between 1 and 365 so I could take a random cue from my Daily Creativity Journal. (which I have not been using daily, btw). I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to get quite a few responses, and the one which served as today's muse was number 224:

Get Dirty. Use dirt as your medium or inspiration today. It can be loose, in clumps, or even made into mud if you want to get extra dirty.

So, off came the clothes from a thrift store doll today. I dug some beautiful brown dirt from one of the beds (outside, in the dark, with my bare hands), and mixed it with a flour/water paste to make my own gluey goopy mud. I did end up using some Elmers as well for extra stickiness.

I originally had her hanging from my camera tripod by her beautiful blond hair, until the weight of the mud detached her from those golden locks, and she was forced to stand for the duration of the application.

When the hair dryer was not going to dry this thing fast enough, into the oven at 275 she went...for approximately 2 episodes of "Weeds." When she came out, she was more durable than I though she would be, and we headed outside for our photo shoot.

And yes, the eyes really are that color. Quite striking, if you ask me. :)


WasItMagic said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Very creepy and sad. She looks like a doll with a history.

I hope she's durable enough that you'll be able to preserve and keep her somehow!

Kim Harne said...

"...a doll with a history." Love that. And love this! How cool and swampy!