Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A dance with a vampire can leave you drained...

OK, so this is a photo of Jack...the son of my oldest and dearest friend whom I met in middle school, who decided it would be fun to spend spring break with me (he lives in Ohio). I've had a blast this week spending time with him for the first time in many years. Anyway, as today was his last day in town, we spent the afternoon touring places that were important to me and his father "back in the day," including our boyhood homes, schools, churches, and one graveyard in particular that still kind of haunts us.

Way in the back of this old cemetery in town, tucked in amid grave stones dating back to the 1800s, is this brick mound, about the size of a coffin. In high school I was told that a vampire was buried there and they bricked in his grave to keep him from escaping. I've also heard folks say it is a witch. There is no marker nearby to give us any kind of clue. I spent many evenings there under the full moon with friends...reading cards, maybe drinking Boone's Farm.

Anyway, I still don't know if a vampire or witch buried there. Jack is convinced it's a large flying magical cat with giant teeth. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't...who am I to say? But this special visit to the resting place of a mythical monster from my youth, definitely deserves a spot in my Year of the Monster.

Besides, Jack picked out the hat for my homage to Cousin It (number 15, below). :)

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WasItMagic said...

I love this photo, and the creepy story behind it.

I think it's a witch.